Friday, January 29, 2010

Finding a Good Therapist for OCD In US and Canada

The International OCD Foundation(IOCDF)has an an OCD Treatment Provider List for the United States and Canada. There is a dearth of qualified Exposure and Response Prevention(ERP)/Cognitive Behavioral therapists, and it can be frustrating to find effective therapy, but this is the place to start.

What to look for:
  • Behavior Therapy Training Institute(BTTI) faculty
  • Graduates of BTTI
  • If they are a graduate of BTTI and have a website, check to see if they mention ERP at all. Some take the training, but their sites show no trace of it.
  • Specific mention of ERP in their listing
  • Cognitive Behavorial Therapy(CBT) in combination with ERP
Keep in mind that this list is made up of therapists who requested to be on it, and there is a disclaimer that the IOCDF does not screen or research any of the therapists, but I do think it increases your odds of finding someone who is well versed in current treatment.

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  1. My daughter is moving to Greenville South Carolina and will need a psychologist and a psycharist when she gets there for OCD. She recently had a baby and thinks everything has blood on it. She washes her hands until they are raw. Someone please help me.

  2. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. The International OCD Foundation is a good place to start-- or call 617.973.5801

    Also, there is a blog about getting help for postpartum ocd and depression called Postpartum Progress:

  3. Additionally, the OCD-Support Yahoo Group(there's a link to the right), is a good place to ask if anyone knows of someone in SC who specializes in treating OCD.

  4. Thank you expwoman, I will check into all you said.