Friday, December 20, 2013

Behavioral and fMRI studies of cognition: A Chance to Participate in OCD Research before January 10, 2014

I posted information about this previously.  Mt. Sinai is closing their study by January 10, 2014, and still needs 2-3 more patients before then.

Behavioral and fMRI studies of cognition in healthy individuals and patients with anxiety

Study Description The current study is a neuroimaging study involving fMRI.  Specifically, we seek to examine the neural mechanisms underlying switching attention between internal thought, such as imagination,  and external stimuli.   

For OCD patients, participation consists of 2-3 sessions totaling 5-7 hours, and participants are reimbursed at $25 an hour.  The first session involves a clinical assessment and paperwork to confirm the patient's eligibility (~3 hours total), and the second session involves completing computer tasks while in the scanner (~2.5 hours total).  Payment is given to participants in cash upon completion of their participation.