Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Embodying a Life Beyond OCD

I had the idea to create a blog about OCD, and my ongoing experience in facing it through Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy(ERP). The idea floated into my mind this evening, and here I am writing something. This is definitely an exposure! One of the phrases that tipped me off to my OCD was "information hoarding" in an article by Renee Reinardy about 3 years ago in the OCD Foundation Newsletter, which sparked all sorts of recognition of patterns in my approach to life.

Don't do anything without extensive research, or a long complicated mental analysis of the best way to do anything. My computer was littered with bookmarked sites and downloaded articles which I usually never revisited in my quest for the perfect knowing of how to proceed. I lived in a state of exhaustion within my head, my hand molded to the mouse and my eyes fixated on the screen. Even now, I want to research what to say next, but here I go.

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