Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

I discovered The Anxiety Coaches Podcast last year, but in true avoidance style, only listened to one episode.  This month I started listening regularly, and am reminded again that I fall into avoidance when I am anxious.  My anxiety is highest when I wake up, and my well practiced habit is to stay in bed, get on the internet or become critical of myself for not doing enough.

OCD is an anxiety disorder, and it has been helpful to listen to Kevin and Kelli talk about the symptoms of anxiety, reminding me that I don't have to believe the sense of urgency some of these symptoms bring with them.  The Anxiety Coaches talk about their own anxiety ~ panic, PTSD, generalized anxiety ~ and although the focus is not about OCD, there is much to be learned about the common elements of different manifestations of anxiety.

The Anxiety Coaches also have an Anxiety Card project:

We would love for you to anonymously contribute your anxiety story to a group art project. You may tell the story of how your anxiety started, what triggered it, a major impact it has had on your life, or anything else you think is important.
When it comes to anxiety relief, one of the most important factors is validation...knowing you are NOT ALONE. If we all share our stories we can reach some of the millions of people out there that are suffering in silence and too ashamed of what they are going through. They deserve to know that they're not weird, they're not crazy, they in fact are going through things many of use have gone through. Let's all stand together to fight the stigma of anxiety disorders!

Check out The Anxiety Coaches Podcast.


  1. Wow, your description of a morning with anxiety sounds so much like mine right now! (look, we're not alone :) )
    I'll check out the podcast.

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