Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recovery Inc., and Dr. Low's Wisdom for OCD Sufferers

A few years ago I came across the writings of Dr. Abraham Low, a psychiatrist who is a early forerunner of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He created a self-help program called Recovery Inc., in 1937, to help mental patients reclaim peace of mind and their lives. I subscribed to Dr. Low's Wisdom, which mails a daily quote from one of his books. Sometimes he sounds very odd to my ears with his emphasis on complete trust in the physician, but he eloquently describes much of my experience with OCD, and advocates a form of Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy in his slogan "Doing the things you hate and fear to do."

I found an interesting blogger, Not A Saint--Just an Average Person, who describes his process of working through his anxieties and fears using Recovery, Inc.'s tools of identifying the thinking that leads to aggravation of symptoms.

I have not been to a Recovery, Inc. support group, but I know some people who have had a positive experience attending meetings. If there isn't an OCD support group in your area, consider looking into a RI group.

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